Monday, September 26, 2011

The 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

The  Tim Brauch memorabilia booth

the Wonder Twins decks, super rare, from Jason Adams collection.

Cab finger flip

Don Brown & PK

Don & Frank Brauch 

George B. and  sons

Joe Eric Brent Levi Pete in the band stands

Ray and Matt on top of the music situation

rare boards from the archives

Results - Pro Finals - Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest - September 24, 2011
Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors
1 - $1000 Josh Rodriguez 18 Banning, CA 187 Pads, Spun, Type-S, Osiris, Socal Skateshop
2 - $600 Josh Mattson 28
Boulder Creek,
Bones, Emerica, Smallbeating, Santa Cruz Boardroom, ACE
MFG. Disastr77
3 - $400 Sky Siljeg 17 Bothell, WA
Lib Tech, Vans, Quilksilver, Tracker, Bones, Khiro, Black Flys,
187 Pads, Protec, Sno Con
4 - $300 Jordan Richter 37 Fremont, CA Green Issue, 187, Bones, Etnies, Ace Trucks
5 - $200 Kalani David 13 Haleiwa, HI Converse, RVCA, Nixon, Bones, Indy, Hekey, PPS
6 Steven Pinerio 15
FL Demon Seed Skateboards, 187, Type S
7 Charlie Blair 20 Plancetio, CA Dogtown, Type S, Kogibbq
8 Daniel Cuervo 21
Venice Beach,
CA Maui & Sons, Jimmy Z, X Caliber Trucks, Madrid Skateboards
9 Mike Owen 26 San Diego, CA H-Street, Osiris, Bruvado Type S, FDK, G.F.L.
10 Jerry Gurney 19 Oakland,CA
Blood Wizard, Lucky Bearings, Heavy Wheels, Ace Trucks,
Good Times Board Store
11 Mason Merlino
Vans, CCS, Lifeblood skateboards, Brixton, Theeve Trucks,
12 Lance Carrera 21
Hills, CA Autobahn, Dogtown, DTA, Rogue Status
13 Josh Borden 22 Orange, CA Vans, Indy, Pro Tec, Santa Cruz, OJ Wheels
14 Brian Johnson 22 Fairfield, CA Weirdo Skateboards, Butch's Boardshop
15 Bennett Harada 37 Montebello, CA SMA, Livity, Ace Trucks, Nike SB, Venice Originals
16 Ben Johnson 21
San Antonio,
TX Embassy Skateboards, Autobahn Wheels, Fast Forward
17 Jeff Wright 20 Anahiem, CA
Madrid Skateboards, Ocean Current, Axion, Black Flys, 187
Killer Pads, Monster Energy Drink
18 Roger Mihalko Corralitos, CA Mom
19 Brendan Garcia 16 Roseburg, OR Bacon Skateboards
20 Cason Kirk 15
Atlantic Beach,
FL Deckcrafters, Type - S, Bern, 187
21 Kyle Kaitijian Whitier, CA Black Label
22 Adam Hopkins 21 Vancouver, BC 1031 Skates, VANS, Pig Wheels, Ace Trucks, Ambig clothing
23 Matt Boyster 21 Simi Valley, CA SMA
24 Zach Lewis 27 Oakland, CA Vertical Smile Skateboards, 510 Skateshop
25 Gage Boan
Beach CA 7 Deadly, Blackflies
26 Frank Farra Escalon,CA Lifeblood, ACE, Metro Shop, Pilestyle
27 Shane Allison 19
Yorba Linda,
Madrid Skateboards, Fly Paper Grip Tape, X Caliber Trucks,
Cohiba Smoke Shop
28 Ketih Baldassare 16
Merritt Island,
FL Demon Seed, Lost, Vans, Type S, Catalyst
29 Malakai Montes 16 Waialua, HA APB Skate Shop, Banzai Skateboards
30 Chris Senn 37 Belmont, CA Blood Wizard, Ace
31 Kevin Reynolds 22 Dublin, CA Vertical Smile

Jai photo

Lance's 'Forest Beans' photo

Blood Wizard

Toad representing SF's BW crew.

Masters Results.  
Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors
1 -
$600 Steve Caballero 46 Campbell, CA
Vans, Powell Peralta, Protec, Independent, Skull
Candy, Ohana Boardshop, Hurley
2 -
Beach, CA
Vans, Quicksilver, nixon, Indy, Hosoi, Skully Candy,
Pro Tec, Type S, Jesus Christ
3 -
$300 Pat Ngoho Venice, CA ZPOP, Indy, Bones, Adidas
4 -
$200 Jeff Hedges 45
San Francisco,
Above Coping, Santa Cruz, Independent, Bones, 187
5 -
$100 Steve Alba 48 Badlands, CA
Santa Cruz, Independent, Vans, Hurley, Spitfire, Pro
Designed Pads, Fender
6 Mitchell Mendez 40 San Jose, CA Cirlce A, Tea Shack Project
7 Josh Nelson 41 Palm Desert, Ca
Small Beating Skateboards, Bones Wheels,
Independent, Emerica shoes, 187 Pads, S-One
8 Brandon Fields 41 San Carlos, CA Flow Jilla/ Thuuz (Thooze)
9 Pat Black 46 Point Arena, CA Ace, Bones, Embassy, Gross, Graffix
10 Mike Rogers 45 Cocoa Beach, FL, DC Shoes, Bones Wheels, Monster
Energy, Indy Trucks, 187 Pads, Bern Helmets
11 Roger Folsom 49 VS. N-Men, Folsam Skatz
12 Chuck Gillette Fresno, CA Viva Board Shop
13 Chris Cook` 50 Pacifica, CA SMA, Ace Trucks, Venice Originals Skate Shop

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Supercharged Screening in San Francisco Tuesday Sept 20th

Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone will be screening Supercharged this Tuesday Sept 20th at 8PM at Kaleidascope, 3109 24th St., near Folsom. Free Event, all ages. 

            kaleidoscope's mission statement:
kaleidoscope free speech zone is an arts venue dedicated to creating the space and opportunity for local, national and international artists of all types to present their work. kaleidoscope provides an accessible physical space for presentation at no charge to the artists. kaleidoscope also prioritizes community involvement with regular participation in collaborative community arts events, provides a venue for fundraising activities and encourages youth and minority development, presentation and participation in the arts. In addition, kaleidscope provides an outlet for local and regional artists to sell their work. kaleidoscope also provides space for workshops, discussions and classes and a small resource library available for in-house use. Based in the Mission District of San Francisco kaleidoscope is open to all. All events at kaleidoscope are either free or low-cost, allowing artists creative range and community patrons to access a diverse panoply of the arts. kaleidoscope’s mission is based on respect, accessibility, diversity, education and support for the arts and artists.

Thursday, September 1, 2011