Monday, December 14, 2009

Thought I'd share this odd story with you....

As I was making the Supercharged / Tim Brauch documentary I went out and shot hours of bird footage. Because Tim was an avid bird watcher, I thought I could intercut birds in the film. I only ended up using about 5 seconds of bird footage, but I captured some amazing shots.
I had noticed a hawk that would sit directly in front of my living room window on a light pole. He would would hunt by flying about 200 feet up and search for food. So one day I came home and saw the hawk up in the air searching rite above my house and ran inside and grabbed my camera. Set up rite in front of my door and started shooting. The hawk immediately started diving from the high altitude with its tallons out and ready to attack something. So I picked up my tripod and started running to the spot where the hawk was heading and as I was running I noticed another guy with a big camera rig running beside me, we looked at each other with surprise and headed to the hawk's attack zone. We both set up and started shooting the bird with its catch of a ground hog. And we talked for a while. I told him about Tim's film and he told me about his bird photography website.
Heres the site:"> , it's really got some great bird photos from SF. -PKHere is the footage of the hawk just after it grabbed the ground hog from the dune on the Great Highway.

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