Friday, June 18, 2010

Supercharged Japan

The Eagle has landed in Japan.
Konichiwa Tim friends and fans, I'm in Ibaraki with Zarosh setting up for the premiere of Supercharged at the Advance Distribution center. We've been skating and helping them build on their cement Skatepark at Advance.
The BMC Japan has really set us up here and giving us the red carpet treatment.
We drove to Tokyo last night to meet Jason Adams and see his art show, that was wild. Lots of Jason fans showed up to get their photo with him all night long at the Heshdawgz skate shop.
C.B. The owner had a he'll of a time trying to kick everyone out at the end of the night, the last thing I saw was Jason crushing a beer can on his number one Fan Kenji, beers flying and the lights going out.
Anyhows Japan rules, and we'll also be showing Supercharhed next weekend at Maru's Bridge skateshop somewhere in North Japan next weekend, stay tuned for photos of Zarosh's insane skate stunts, photos of the countryside, and the Japanese Tim fans.
Sianora.. Pete

Ps thanks to Etnies, Kenji, Umack, Zarosh, Advance Distrabution, Bridge skateshop, And everyone else who has supported this Japanese tour!

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