Friday, July 29, 2011

RS2 & Supercharged German tour 2011

autograph houndz

bring softies


EMan and Ben

etnies support for Supercharged

I am just a minstrel


RS2 and Eman

RS2 Supercharged interview KOLN KAMPUS

RS2 Supercharged soundcheck @Stereo Wonderland

RS2,Merlin,Ari,Songvu after premiere joy!

Supercharged premeire Koln!

Wasted Box locals are Supercharged in Cologne
Cool-ogne by RS2
I was flown over to  Munster, Germany to dee jay the Volcom Circa Bergfest contest on Saturday July 16th 2011 and made it there by the hair of my chinny chin chin! (Thanks KVR!!!!)

The BergFest bowl contest was pretty rad overall, it did have it's lagging parts, though like the set up for the  cross country  race   and bad sound (like most contests) but the skating was ripping! 

Ben Hatchell showed them where hot skating originates, (in the states cuz!!) and ripped heavily! (Next year I think they need to get Josh Mattson, Brad McLain, Raven Tershay and the other 11 year old contest mind blowers in there to step it up! There was no sign of Big Ben Shroeder as advertised.) 

I got to see my Santa Cruz bro Emanuel Guzman and make party with him all day and later at the after party! Chuck Treece stopped by the dj booth and McRad really ripped hard for their set!  Later at the after party I got kinda gypped on my set, I played like twenty minutes and the other dudes were kinda buster-ing me out. I told them they would not get treated like that if they came to Nor Cal. So I played  my eight records or whatever, people are jumping,having a swell time,  Eman is yelling play some 
P Funk!! and I would have but the dj dude goes, 'last record, yah'. Oh well, no more after party stories from the dee jay booth, although there was a beer refrigerator below the turntables aka no need for drink ticky's!!

Fast forward to setting up shop in Cologne with J Hay the main man behind Confusion Magazine, Hoax clothing and just tightening up the underground skate scene dude in Cologne! 
He is friends with Wasted Box skate shop and all over town he knows the spots to get the 1 euro spanish sandwich or where to set up an insta gig at a kiosk. Everyone I met was super cool, I was stoked to play my music to them and they appreciated that I had come a long way to show Supercharged and tell stories about Tim Brauch. 

Stereo Wonderland was a perfect venue for the event. The bartender was wearing a Bl'ast shirt so it was pretty much on from the git go! I made a short introduction about the movie then played a short set, the sound was excellent and Roger from the spermbirds let me put some heavy strings on his acoustic, Peer the sound guy and Martin the owner made sure I was happy with the sound after a great soundcheck. We had them play an old Concussion skate video over me while I was playing.  It seems like my set went superfast, but people dug my tunes and I felt very comfortable playing for them at that venue. I saw that Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers was gonna play there and got stoked, because I know Tim used to love them and the Supersuckers used to sleep on my couches back in the day maaan!
After putting up posters all over that beautiful city, dodge speeding cars, barking cats, almost eating it every time I got on a bike,and doing a radio interview you would think I would be beat, but I was supercharged just like everyone else in the place and after the movie played I dee jayed unitl daylight with my new bud deejay/bartender pal Ralph 'Apple Juice', he would call it when the head on my beer was gone,  'What's that Ray?? Apple Juice??   but then I shut him the hell up when I played The Gits!  He was like what the fuck is this rad shit?? You know it!!  the gits. pretty much played him the whole album 'Frenching the Bully'. all hits!
after the show this dude came up to me super stoked, his name is Merlin, a rad skater/musician  learns hella quick, hella friendly, he is  my bro, already did one gig with him! he wins the spirit of Tim Brauch award  I gave him my eagle hat!

I enjoyed my time in Cologne alot with all the artsy stuff, old green buildings, great people, greater beer! hahaha and support/friendship! I can't wait to go back!!

SUPER DUPER BIG THANKS to Keht!!  Super duper regular amount of thanks to:  Confusion- J Hay, Merlin Z., Sessions/Este, Tim Brauch Foundation, Emerica,Wasted Box crew, Etnies, Markus T,  Dietches for picking me up, Stan P., E Man, Jason Parkes, Juri,  Kolnkampus radio dj Toby,
Groove Attack discount bro,  Aty Farty Gallery, Chang 13, Fun Fun Fun photo ish, Titus and Julius Dittman, Kolsch beer, Motorhead dots, super rad air mattress, imported Tapatio, lamb pizza, goat cheese eggrolls, Jason S bbq!, loud ravers on a binge that we eventually shook, bacon wrapped dates tapas, the rain for stopping, brawurst and senf,  The Odd Numbers, Hightower and The Shitkickers for stoking me out when I see what  yer tunes does to the the skaters ripping around the world!

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