Monday, September 12, 2016

Tim Brauch pool contest 2016 results

2016’s Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam went off once again at the Lake Cunningham Skatepark yesterday with a $35,000 prize purse – the Men, Ladies and Masters divisions entertained all in attendance with great moments of bowlriding. Collin Graham, Arianna Carmona and Mitch Mendez took top honors in their respective competitions. Below are the results of those earning some cash for their efforts. Visit the Tim Brauch Foundation for a great look at the mission, people involved, programs and events from previous years.
Final Results Men
1. Collin Graham – $8000
2. Jack Winburn – $5000
3. Kiko Francisco – $3000
4. Zion O’Friel – $3000
5. Josh Rodriguez – $1000
6. Max Jensen – $500
7. Charlie Martin $200
8. Jeromy Green $100
1. Arianna Carmona – $3000
2. Hunter Long – $1500
3. Nicole Hause – $1000
4. Autumn Tust – $800
5. Beverly Flood – $700
6. Bryce Wettstein – $500
1. Mitch Mendez – $3000
2. Steve Caballero – $1500
3. Steve Revord – $1000
4. Rodney Mead – $800
5. Richard Sanchez – $700
6. Brandon Fields – $500
Check in at the World Cup Skateboarding site for complete results.check out

below are some of my photos of the event. Enjoy - Pete Koff
Double D and RS2 on the main stage as usuall

Dave Nelson with style and speed

smashing the hip goes Nelson

Todd Ferrera and his son Cash

Nelson entering the Travel Lodge

Greg Hall(master lensman) and his youngest son

contest powered by RS2, RS2 powered by Nana Joes coconut bar bites

Don't mind if I do! -Tim Brauch

Scotty Greathouse artbooth, amaing

Fejj gymnast plant !!!!!

Pierre the #1 bay area skate maskot

Arron Jones with one of the alltime coolest rarest Tim Brauch SMA models.
Designed my Mojo

Crabtree shootin 2x exposures

Mitchell Mendez on fire and winning the Masters contest

friends for life

the following photos are the girls contestants, really awesome!

Cab giving smith-grind clinic

Dave Duncan and Pierre signatures

Dave, Pierre and Joey. Cupertino High School graduates

Todd Ferrera, one of Tim Brauch's good friends since way back

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